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Winkel-Tripel projection

Representing our globe on a flat surface is the insoluble challenge of the worlds to which the Winkel-Tripel projection has given a new answer. Designed in 1921 by Oswald Winkel, it minimizes surface, direction and distance alterations. It is a kind of average between the equidistant cylindrical projection and the Aïtoff projection. Proof that it is a very good compromise, the Winkel-Tripel projection has been used since 1998 by the National Geographic Society for its maps.

To design this World Map, we used a very high-resolution background that presents continental and oceanic landforms with great precision. Only the internal borders are present, leaving the coasts untouched, to appear as they really are. Our planet thus appears as close as possible to its natural beauty and truth.

We offer you this beautiful World Map on two supports:

Planisphere on adhesive PVC (flexible)

Winkel-Tripel world map on a very good quality adhesive PVC support with a satin effect finish. Adaptable to any surface thanks to our different Mounting Modes. Original Map® offers Do It Yourself (DIY) enthusiasts a Manual and Video to create your “Floating Effect” map. Also discover our Strass to identify places on your World Map.

Planisphere on Transparent Plexiglas

The Winkel-Tripel World Map on a transparent Plexiglas® with opaque projection, of quality with a subtle reflection. Easy to install on any type of wall thanks to our various accessories.

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FLEXIBLE (satin adhesive PVC), RIGID (Plexiglas®)


Medium 150x75cm (~ 60″x30″), Large 200x100cm (~ 80″x40″), Giant 260x130cm (~ 100″x50″), Colossal 300x150cm (~ 120″x60″)

1 review for Winkel-Tripel Projection World Map

  1. Ron McMullen

    Excellent map! Good quality materials, good graphics. Shipping was fast as well. Nice to be able to get a realistic map projection, instead of the old horrible Mercator projection!

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