A unique world map!
Original Map® offers you all the accessories you need. They will both adorn and customize your world map, giving your board the final touch.
Our catalogue offers a wide choice of mounts to attach your decorative map: the accessories supplied can be adapted to any type of wall, whatever world map and the support chosen.

Spark up your most beautiful world map!
These strass’, placed on your map, allow you to mark the destinations you wish to discover and the places in the world you have already visited.
Easily removable, these glittering strass’ are totally repositionable. Thus, as you travel, your world map changes. Your decorative board becomes a personal and unique work that evolves with you!

375 3 mm adhesive strass for your flexible, rigid and high-end world map

(12 colours available)

Different coloured strass to subtly highlight certain places on your maps. Highlight the places you have already visited, and the destinations of your dreams!

£4 (shipping costs are free)

Access the manual and its video

Premium accessories for rigid and high-end boards

Adhesive Mounting Pack + Wall Supports

An accessory adapted to all types of surfaces and sizes of our rigid boards. Without drilling the board. For a floating effect of your board.

£22 – £39 (shipping costs are free)

Premium Ø12 or Ø16 spacer pack without drilling

It is the ideal accessory to give relief to your board without piercing it! These high-quality, drill-free spacers are available in six designs and two diameters. Suitable only for small and medium sizes.

£35 – £39 (shipping costs are free)

Premium Ø12 or Ø16 spacer pack with drilling

Customize your fastener with our spacers by choosing from a selection of nine designs and two different diameters. High-quality accessories for a neat end result.

£25 – £29 (shipping costs are free)

Premium Ø16 screw cover pack

It is the ideal kit for a practical and neat installation. These screw covers, available in 6 different designs, have been chosen for their high-quality and very elegant appearance. They are the perfect accessory for a clean and classy mounting!

£25 (shipping costs are free)

Accessories for Flexible Maps (Adhesive PVC)

DIY (Do It Yourself)

An enthusiast of “do it yourself “? Get started easily!

Create your own “floating effect” board thanks to our recommendations for use! Guided, step by step, you will surpass yourself! And you can say, “I did it myself!”.


 Access the manual and its video

Double-sided adhesive tape

Ideal for smooth wall

If you want to be able to move your map to another wall, this is the perfect fixation mode.

£9 (shipping costs are free)

18 wooden head pins of 3 different shapes

here are 3 shapes to choose from: classic, round or square. Suitable for a plastered or wallpapered wall.

£8 (shipping costs are free)

12 cuboctahedral wooden head pins

Suitable for a plastered or wallpapered wall.

£8 (shipping costs are free)

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