Adhesive Mounting Pack + Wall Supports


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Pack Adhesive fixing + Wall supports for rigid panels

Included in the package:

– 2 Xtramount adhesive mounts (strong adhesion and moisture/UV resistant)

– 2 steel wall brackets

– 1 cleaning cloth 3M VHB

– 2 screws and 2 universal dowels

– Clear rubber stabilizers


1) Be sure to clean the substrate before application using the 3M wipe. Clean the surface in one direction only and allow the solvent to evaporate for a few minutes before bonding.

2) Glue the 2 adhesive mounts on the back side of your board, 8cm from both edges of the upper corners, and parallel to the edges of the board at room temperature (about 20°C). Press hard (about 20kg) for 10 seconds.

3) Wait 30 minutes before pressing hard (about 20kg) again for 10 seconds. This step is important for the best possible adhesion.

4) Attach the 2 wall brackets to the wall, with the universal screws and dowels provided, or with molly screws (or other screws and dowels most suitable for your wall). Make sure they are properly aligned with their adhesive mounts.

5) Place your stabilizers evenly distributed on the back of your board so that it is uniformly parallel to your wall.

6) Embed your board on the wall supports and admire your work.

You can choose between:

Pack Adhesive Mounting 70×70 mm max 6 kg

Ideal for Board 100x50cm (2.5 kg)

Pack Adhesive Fastener 100×100 mm max 12 kg

Ideal for boards 150x75cm (5.5 kg) and also for 100x100cm (5 kg) 150x90cm (7 kg)

Pack Adhesive Fastener 100×200 mm max 24 kg

Ideal for map 200x100cm (10 kg) and also for 200×120 cm (11 kg) and 130×130 cm (11 kg)

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Pack 70x70mm (max 6 kg), Pack 100x100mm (max 12 kg), Pack 100x200mm (max 24 kg)


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