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World Map

This World Map has pastel colours that have the strength to adapt to many indoor environments, whether it is a living room, office or bedroom. This World Map, available as a Poster and a Chart, is enhanced with a wide range of diverse and varied geographical information. These have been carefully checked and updated, translated into English in their entirety and include both continental and oceanic data: Countries, Capitals, Cities, Rivers, Ranges, Mountains, Deserts, but also Oceans, Seas, Islands, Archipelagos, Deepest Oceanic Trench, etc.

World planisphere – Flexible

Angkor Planisphere in soft poster on strong adhesive PVC. A very good quality material with a satin finish. Hang your Map easily on any wall with our Accessories. Enhance your map with bright strass in different colours to identify places you love. See our flexible World Maps in Video. Original Map® also offers a DIY with Manual and Video to create its “Floating Effect” map. An easy and fun Do It Yourself for a great look guaranteed!

World planisphere – Rigid

Angkor wall map in Rigid board on high-quality Plexiglas®, with subtle reflections. Easily attach your map with our Mounts. Give your board a neat final touch by adding coloured strass. Identify the cities of your previous trips and remember your fond memories!

See our Plexiglas® Boards in Video.

For an even more elaborate board, the Angkor Map also exists in a high-end version, with innovative effects, discover it here.

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FLEXIBLE (satin adhesive PVC), RIGID (Plexiglas®)


Small 130x65cm (~ 50″x25″), Medium 150x75cm (~ 60″x30″), Large 200x100cm (~ 80″x40″), Giant 260x130cm (~ 100″x50″), Colossal 300x150cm (~ 120″x60″)

29 reviews for World Map – Angkor

  1. DANIEL G.

    We are very satisfied with your Plexiglas product, easy to install, very aesthetic it is a very beautiful decoration in our office the small strass are discreet and look very good on the map.

  2. Kounakowitch Patricia

    Seduced by the site, but even more satisfied by the quality of the map. Very practical tutorial to install it with a back frame allowing to place LEDs in indirect light. Beautiful finish.

  3. Emma Flycatcher

    Splendid map of great quality. With the added bonus of great customer service available, fast and attentive.


    Very good quality map, simply punched in my 6-year-old son’s room, it is not torn and is both decorative and instructive (important cities and not only capitals, written in English). My son is delighted.

  5. Harry F.

    Very satisfied with my map, the product corresponds to my order. Very serious company, fast delivery. I advise this company.

  6. J.P.L.

    Very satisfied with my order. Perfect colour and quality
    The world map is hung on the wall of the desk, all that is missing is to position the strass.
    Fast delivery.

  7. Patrick

    Very beautiful template (soft large size) Perfect for a gift.
    it would be nice to be able to buy a background of the same size to stick the map on without a frame and cheaper than Plexiglas.

  8. Anne

    Product in accordance with my expectations.
    Very efficient after-sales service.

  9. Myriam

    I would like to highlight the excellent after-sales service. I had a problem with a damaged arrival map twice in a row and you replaced it immediately to the point that the second time I was almost embarrassed to ask.
    I am extremely satisfied with the service.

  10. Naomi L

    I am satisfied with the product I received.

  11. Chelsea T.

    I received my order well packaged and in perfect condition.
    It is a very nice decorative item.

  12. Jessy. C

    I am very satisfied with my purchase (Angkor flexible map in medium size). The colours are beautiful, the materials look good. I also appreciate the different practical aspects of this map: the fact that it is in English, in particular and that the characters are clearly legible, and also the indication of important cities in addition to the capitals. In short, I think you have been able to combine the geographical tool with the decorative object.

    Congratulations also for your website, very clear, which highlights your products well.

  13. Ethan

    Roger that, world map.
    no problem, except maybe the delivery which was a little long.

  14. Oliver C

    I am very satisfied with the quality of the production of the ordered World Map. I recommend without hesitation.

  15. Lily N

    We are very satisfied: order, website, map personalization, delivery times, map quality….
    Yours sincerely,

  16. jack

    I am delighted to have bought this world map that I put on the wall in my office. It completely meets my expectations.

  17. Mia A

    I gave my daughter an Angkor wall map for Christmas. Despite the very short deadline I was delivered on time. The product is beautiful, well finished. I asked a question on the site on Friday evening and I was called back the next day by a very professional, friendly contact person who was passionate about his products. It’s a real pleasure, thank you all!

  18. Burton

    Nothing to say about quality (almost perfect), I put 4 stars for the simple and good reason that the United States lacks the names of the states, I think it’s too bad.
    In terms of transport: the packaging is solid but plastic caps are missing instead of the sticker, which tends to slightly damage the map!
    When I received the map, I could see some air that made a small part of the map “curl up”, by slightly applying my fingers on it until I spread it at the end of the map, the air disappeared!
    Note: too bad we can’t include our photos of your maps with our commentary!
    I plan to buy another one very soon!

  19. Nicole

    I would like to inform you of my complete satisfaction on my order, both on the shipping and on the quality of the product:
    beautiful finish, very clear but also very decorative graphics.
    I can only congratulate you!

  20. Katie

    Order received in very good condition and quickly. Reinforced packaging very popular.
    The canvas is beautiful, and the recipient was delighted with his gift.
    Thank you.

  21. Tom

    I received the flexible map on time very beautiful product of the most beautiful effect once framed thanks to tom

  22. Hubert

    The product received met my expectations, was very well packaged and was delivered on time.
    Thank you. Thank you.

  23. Charlie

    Thank you for your work
    I am satisfied.

  24. Greg

    I like it very much; I can see the care taken with your creations.
    Thank you. Thank you.

  25. Natalie

    We are very satisfied with our flexible map… Very beautiful colour. Very clear writing of cities and countries.
    I recommend this product.

  26. GROVES

    Perfect quality, fast delivery, well packaged and protected product. We mounted it on a frame with the help of the tutorial without any problem, the most beautiful effect in our living room. Congratulations!

  27. Alex D

    Rigid map received today. It is in line with our expectations. In addition, the delivery was fast.
    Thank you for the quality of your services and products.

  28. Emily

    I received and installed my world map plexi and glued all my little strass. I added a lamp on top to make the strass shine. Easy installation, great quality, in short I am delighted. It’s really much better in real life than in pictures.

  29. Sarah b

    We are generally satisfied with the map we ordered.

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