Premium spacer pack


Premium 4 spacers Ø12 mm or Ø16 mm lg 25 mm pack + a user manual

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Pack 4 Premium spacers for Classic Plexiglas, Duplex Verso, Transparent or Brushed Aluminium

This pack includes 4 high-quality spacers, 4 countersunk head screws, 4 universal dowels, 8 cubes (which serve as shims) for Ø16 and 4 for Ø12 spacers, double-sided tape (to glue the shims), a wipe and an operating manual for easy fixing.

Choose from several finishes (colours and materials) of spacers to give your board a personal touch:

-Black, Bronze, Gold, Titanium, Natural or Bright Aluminium;

-Brushed or polished stainless steel;

-Brilliant Acrylic

Ideal for all wall surfaces.

This fixing gives your board a floating effect.

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Ø12 (small map template), Ø16 (medium map template)


Black Aluminium, Bronze Aluminium, Gold Aluminium, Titanium Aluminium, Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Natural Aluminium, Bright Aluminium, Bright Acrylic


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