Gall Peters Relief World Map – Angkor


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Gall Peters – Relief World Map

Designed in the 19th century, the Gall-Peters projection has the advantage of maintaining the real proportions between the sizes of the continents, which is lacking in the Mercator projection. That’s why Original Map has chosen to offer this projection of our planet, the Peters map. This pastel-coloured map retains the strength of Original Map’s world maps: a dual decorative and instructive function. All data is up to date and in English for easy readability.

Gall Peters Planisphere – Flexible

Gall-Peters world map on a quality adhesive PVC support with a satin finish. Adaptable to any surface thanks to our various accessories. Original Map® offers DIY enthusiasts a Manual and a Video to create your ‘‘floating effect’’ board. Also discover our Strass to identify places.

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Gall Peters Planisphere – Rigid

Gall-Peters Angkor world map on quality Plexiglas® with a subtle reflection. Easy to install on any type of wall thanks to our various accessories. Discover our Strass to identify places on your Giant Board.

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FLEXIBLE (satin adhesive PVC), RIGID (Plexiglas®)


Medium, Large, Giant, Colossal


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