Planisphere Board – Vesuvius

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Planisphere Board

A World Map whose colours blend with many interiors. The brightness of the continents matches perfectly with the background of the softer and more diffuse oceans. The extensive, accurate and up-to-date geographical information superimposed on Vesuvius’ design was chosen in English for easy readability. Countries, Capitals, Cities, Islands, Seas, Chains, Mountains, Volcanoes, Deserts, Deepest Ocean Pool, it’s all there!

World Map – Flexible

Vesuvius world map on high-quality adhesive PVC backing with a satin finish. Made for any surface thanks to our various accessories. Original Map® offers Self-Help enthusiasts a Manual and a Video to create your floating board. Discover our Strass to identify favorite cities and places.

Flexible world maps in video

Wall Map – Rigid

Wall map in quality Plexiglas® board with a subtle reflection. To be easily installed at home on any type of wall thanks to our various Wall Attachments. Discover our Strass to identify places where you travel.

Rigid world map in video

World Maps


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FLEXIBLE (satin adhesive PVC), RIGID (Plexiglas®)


Small 130x65cm (~ 50″x25″), Medium 150x75cm (~ 60″x30″), Large 200x100cm (~ 80″x40″), Giant 260x130cm (~ 100″x50″), Colossal 300x150cm (~ 120″x60″)

1 review for Planisphere Board – Vesuvius

  1. Amanda K.

    Thank you, I’m very pleased but I haven’t fixed it yet because I need to freshen up the paintwork !
    I also need to reread the email in which you explain how to fix the planisphere to the wall.
    Thank you very much

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