Naïca World Map

Naïca (Mexico)

The Naïca Crystal Cave, located in a mine in northern Mexico, is one of the most beautiful underground wonders on earth. Very hot and extremely humid, it contains large and majestic crystals up to more than 11 metres high, and several millennia old.


Panjin World Map

Panjin (China)

Panjin is a city near the west coast of China. What makes it special is biological: a beach covered with a specific variety of reeds, giving it a unique red color. This character is even more unique as it is the largest reed bed in the world, with more than 300,000 hectares.


Perito Moreno World Map

Perito Moreno (Argentina)

The imposing Perito Moreno glacier, named after the explorer who discovered it, is one of the largest glaciers in Patagonia, 5 kilometres wide and 30 kilometres long. With a thickness of up to 700 metres, it is a very mobile glacier and is miraculously one of the only ones that does not melt despite global warming.


Persepolis World Map

Persepolis (Iran)

Persepolis was one of the capitals of the former Persian empire, now Iran. Its construction, carried out several centuries before our era, was intended to show the unity and diversity of the empire, and will last two centuries. Successive kings have erected a series of exceptional palaces, including the one with a hundred columns. Today, only the foundations remain, but they still attest to the beauty of what the place was like.


Petra World Map

Petra (Jordan)

Petra is an important ancient city that flourished around -500 BC thanks to the trade maintained by the many caravans passing on the nearby roads, carrying incense, spices and other precious products such as silk. The monuments tombs and temples carved and carved directly into the rock make Petra a unique site.


Peyrepertuse World Map

Peyrepertuse (France)

Peyrepertuse is one of the many feudal fortresses that cover the Cathar country in Occitania. It is located on a large rocky peak renowned for its impregnability. At the time of the Cathars and the famous and tragic crusade against the Albigensians in the Middle Ages, a ladder and a secret passage allowed people to enter, in addition to the main entrance. We can still see the path leading to it, even if the passage is nowadays closed.


Pompeii World Map

Pompeii (Italy)

Pompeii is a city in Italy that has known many people since the conquests before our era. It was forgotten in 79 during the famous and disastrous volcanic eruption of Vesuvius. It will remain for centuries buried under several meters of solidified lava. This is how its remains, rediscovered in the 17th century, were surprisingly preserved, and Pompeii was rediscovered.


Retba World Map

Retba (Senegal)

Lake Retba in Senegal is a shallow Salt Lake, notably made famous by the arrivals of the Paris-Dakar rally, and also called Pink Lake. It owes its second name to the singular and changing hue of its water, which is said to be caused by the presence of micro-organisms that produce a colored pigment to protect the salinity of the water.