Harbour Island World Map

Harbour Island (Bahamas)

Harbour Island is a relatively small island in the Bahamas, but it stands out from the other islands of this dream archipelago thanks to its sumptuous pink sand beaches, which can be found along the east coast. This is probably why there is a high concentration of very luxurious hotels. These beaches actually owe their unique colour to micro-organisms with a pink shell.


Heracleion World Map

Heracleion (Egypt)

Heracleion is a city that has something to make people dream and awaken their imaginations: an ancient city in ancient Egypt, also known as Thonis, it is completely engulfed by Mediterranean waters, certainly following an earthquake. This is a reminder of the famous myth of Atlantis that everyone has heard about before, and whose existence remains a mystery.

Hillier World Map

Hillier (Australia)

Lake Hillier was discovered in 1802 by a British explorer in Australia and is distinguished by its deep pink waters. Some hypotheses suggest that its colouring is probably due to a colouring agent created by micro-organisms present in the lake. But the origin of this unusual color remains an unsolved mystery.


Lascaux World Map

Lascaux (France)

The Lascaux cave in New Aquitaine is well known for its prehistoric drawings made by our ancestors over 17,000 years ago. Qualified as works of art because of their high-quality but also because of their abundance, these drawings bear witness to a life as close as possible to nature. The exceptional character of this cave has earned it many nicknames, including the “Versailles de la Préhistoire”.


Luxor World Map

Luxor (Egypt)

Luxor is in fact the ancient city of Thebes, which makes it a city rich in the remains of ancient Egypt. In addition to the famous Luxor Temple, there are sphinxes, monumental statues and obelisks, including one that was transported to be installed on the Place de Concorde in Paris. Luxor Temple is one of the best preserved monuments of the golden age period of Egyptian civilization.


Manarola World Map

Manarola (Italy)

Manarola is a small, highly photogenic village in northern Italy, due to the layout of the houses around a cliff, and the bright and varied colours of the houses overlooking the sea. All the beauty of Manarola is revealed when the day ends and the sun sets. The latter then transmits heat and brightness to the many colors of the facades of the houses thus embellished.


Moaï World Map

Moaï (Chile) The “Moaï” are called the monumental statues of Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Ranging from 2 to 9 meters high, these statues were sculpted by former inhabitants of the island at the beginning of the second millennium and there are now several hundreds of them. Today, a mystery remains, making this island one of the most fascinating lands in the Pacific: it is not known how these sculptures of several tens of tons were transported and lifted by peoples without advanced technology.

Mont Blanc World Map

Mont Blanc (France)

Mont Blanc is famous for being the highest point in the Alps with its 4809 metres altitude, but also the highest peak in Western Europe. Its first ascent in 1786, opened the way for many others, from beginner adventurers to the most experienced climbers. Since then, Mont Blanc has generated fascination and admiration, and has caused much ink to flow among the great authors, including the visionary Jules Verne.