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Vintage World Map

For those who appreciate the timeless old-fashioned maps, we offer a Vintage World Map with a design inspired straight from the ancient monuments that populate our planet. Like our many other World Maps, they are up to date, entirely in English, and very well provided: Countries – Capitals – Oceans – Islands – Cities – Seas – Chains – Mountains – Lakes – Volcanoes – Rivers – Deepest oceanic trench….

Wall Decoration – Flexible

Vintage Petra Wall Decoration on a very good quality flexible support: adhesive PVC with a satin finish. For an ideal interior decoration whatever your room. Its installation is greatly facilitated thanks to the many accessories we offer, whatever your wall. If you are a DIY enthusiast, we offer a User Manual with a short and effective Video. To create your own floating effect map yourself! Finally, discover our colourful Strass to identify your favourite places. Enjoy your travel memories with your loved ones!

Decorative Board – Rigid

Vintage Petra Wall Map on a rigid and resistant support: 5 mm thick Plexiglas® with a subtle and clean reflection, for a perfect living room. Hang your board easily on any type of wall thanks to our various accessories. Use our Strass in all colours to identify cities you have visited and loved.

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FLEXIBLE (satin adhesive PVC), RIGID (Plexiglas®)


Small 130x65cm (~ 50″x25″), Medium 150x75cm (~ 60″x30″), Large 200x100cm (~ 80″x40″), Giant 260x130cm (~ 100″x50″)

12 reviews for Vintage World Map – Petra

  1. Siegfried and Capucine

    Please find attached pictures of our map finally installed.

    The result is perfect!

    Very satisfied with your product!

  2. Mary

    Beautiful!!! Very satisfied, I recommend!

  3. Karine

    I bought this map in large size and in plexis for my spouse’s birthday, and he was delighted to receive this gift! The map is really very beautiful, and once hung on the wall it looks really very good. In addition, the after-sales service was able to arrange for me to be delivered, so the printer came to deliver the map directly to my living room, which is still a real pleasure. I therefore recommend this product!

  4. Helen

    I bought this map for my 8-year-old nephew. It’s beautiful! Now all you should do is put it down, but I let the parents do that. I’m delighted, I recommend it!


    Glad about the result although I had a little trouble tinkering with the “Do It Yourself” in 1m x 2m on my own, the span of my arms is not adapted. I got 19€ between the battens and the medium panel, I took battens in 20mm, the 30mm not being available. I advise to reinforce the gluing of the flaps on the back on all sides with thick tape in order to guarantee the result over time, that’s what I did, and it would be advisable to fold them at an angle, as for the hems, this avoids unsightly oversizing. It took me an afternoon to glue and hang, but the result is satisfactory. Note the strass are too small with my big fingers, and with the tweezers I can’t do it either, so I give up. Once I get them close to the map, by patching them up, they run out of glue.

    It’s a pity that the site doesn’t offer zoomed maps with more details, or templates of maps like the ones we had in the classes when we were young, with green, brown, indicating agricultural areas and reliefs, a little nostalgia.

  6. D.P.

    Perfect, I’m very sasisfied.

  7. Stev

    Great product, took the rigid template large size, looks exactly like the pictures on the site.

  8. Ellen

    Superb! Glad of my purchase…
    Well I must admit that 1m x 2m is not so simple for the “gluing” on the plywood panel but we manage it with space, patience and precision.

  9. Sophie

    I’m so happy with the purchase of my world map! It is very beautiful and of high-quality… I was afraid that it did not look like the pictures that are on the website, but I am very pleasantly surprised 🙂
    It was a Christmas gift for a loved one and I think I might let myself be tempted soon… Only the price made me feel a little sad because it’s expensive.

  10. Gladys

    I am delighted with my map

  11. Charlie


    I bought the small Petra template in vinil

    in fact I wanted it in plexi but it is not available for small sizes, too bad.

    I put it under glass for my personal taste, afraid to stick the map badly or that everyone puts their fingers on it (although I think it doesn’t fear anything because it’s of very good quality)

    very happy with my purchase: both playful and decorative (I’m in a house with an exposed framework and the colour goes very well with the wood tone)

    regrets nevertheless not having had the small size in plexi

    I recommend to everyone this purchase *******


  12. Dylan P.


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