Sky Map – North and South Hemisphere


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    Map of the two northern and southern skies

    Andromeda, Orion, the Great Bear, Pegasus, and many other names that evoke our Universe. Rediscover them and locate them by browsing our Celestial Vault Map, which shows the northern and southern skies as they are offered to us from our small Earth. You will find a multitude of constellations, represented within their borders drawn in 1930, including our famous signs of the Zodiac. You will also recognize the brightest stars characterized by their magnitude, such as Alpha of the Centaur, Antares, Sirius or the North Star, but also the hottest stars that adorn our Milky Way. Discover also the other riches that are well present but yet unsuspected that hide and scatter on our heads: globular clusters, nebulae, distant galaxies but not so much…

    Sky chart on adhesive PVC (flexible)

    Our north and south sky maps on very good quality adhesive PVC backing with a satin finish. This support can be adapted to any surface thanks to our different Mounting Modes. Original Map® offers DIY enthusiasts a DIY with a Manual and Video to create your “Floating Effect” Board.

    Sky map on Transparent Plexiglas (Rigid)

    We also choose to offer our Sky Map on transparent Plexiglas® with the two opaque skies. Quality with a subtle reflection. To be installed without any difficulty on any type of wall surface thanks to our various accessories.

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    Classic, Heracleion, Vesuvius


    FLEXIBLE (satin adhesive PVC), RIGID (Plexiglas®)


    Medium 150x75cm (~ 60″x30″), Large 200x100cm (~ 80″x40″), Giant 260x130cm (~ 100″x50″), Colossal 300x150cm (~ 120″x60″)


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